Art History Kids


Art History Kids has three main goals?

  • To introduce kids to art.
  • Let them come to their own conclusions.
  • And, encourage their own individual creativity.

Learning never ends…it’s a life long pursuit! You don’t need to be an expert in a subject to include it in your homeschool education. You can have fun AND learn right alongside your kids. ?

Introducing amazing people from art history through stories and not boring old textbooks. Help our kids feel a personal connection with the artist. Allow them to engage beyond a surface level and understand the historical surroundings where these artists lived. ?

Invite kids to use their critical thinking skills and creativity as they make art that’s meaningful to them!?️

Mini-lessons and activities can easily be customized to meet your kids where they’re at. ?

Your kids will be invited to create some fun open-ended projects inspired by these artists’ paintings and sculptures! ?


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