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Science confirms that game play promotes healthy brain development; morality and an increased sense of fairness; as well as neurological stimulation that may prevent certain neurological disorders later in life.

I’ll confess, I became enamored with table top games as my oldest started gravitating toward computer games and I was desperate to minimize screen time and the drama that can come with it. I quickly learned that there’s no better way to connect parents and children or siblings to one another than through laughter and play. Board games deliver just that and so much more! Family board games promote healthy competition, cooperation, and can even sharpen mental skills such as memory and executive functioning. Here I’m sharing some of our all time favorites.

A Dozen That Win Every Time!

We have an unbelievably full game cabinet. However, these are the dozen games that are winners every single time in our house.

To have made it to our favorites, they must be complex and interesting enough to hold the attention of my teen son and be really quickly learnable for my tween son who has zero patience to learn a new game.

These twelve all make the cut and are our go-to’s when looking for a game that’s sure to make everyone smile!

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If you want to get more into gaming – or just want to have an amazing game night filled with love and laughs, here are some posts to get you started!

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Podcasts About Gaming For The Whole Family

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to get the latest. Both podcasts are great resources for any family of gamers. The Family Gamers “provide family-friendly content on board games, with  reviews of new games to play; ideas about keeping things fair at different skill levels; train your kids in good sportsmanship; and using games to promote learning.” One Board Podcast chats about “game mechanics, publishers, experiences with games and reviews for their favorites. Both are great family-friendly listens!