Daily Affirmation Cards for Inspiration

Spoiler Alert: Sometimes I need a little reminder that I can do this. Whatever this is at the moment. I find that daily positive affirmations or affirmation quotes really help. That’s why I made this beautiful deck of affirmation cards for you. They will remind you of all the opportunities that open up when we allow ourselves to say no to things we don’t want in our lives. I read one of these every morning to set my course for the day.

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All The Things

Mama, are you trying to do all the things? I know. We all are. But here’s the thing. You can’t. It’s just not possible.

And what’s more important, you shouldn’t want to.

So many amazing opportunities come across our path almost every day. But it’s really worthwhile to stop and think about which ones are the ones that will really help you along the journey that you wish to travel.

Who are the children that you wish to raise?

What does your ideal family life look like?

How can you be whole and present for yourself?

How will the obligations that you accept or decline impact these goals? It’s worthwhile taking a personal inventory.

Are you ready to free yourself from decision fatigue?

Wondering How To Say No?

I have two goals when I say no.

The first is not to be wishy washy. I want to give an emphatic no, so that I don’t have to do it again. No maybes allowed.

Second, I want to preserve or even enhance my relationship with the person to whom I’m saying no.

If you want to learn, step by step, how to graciously say no, just follow these four steps for a gentle and guilt-free experience.

Picture of Framed Positive Affirmation with pot of flowers next to it
This gorgeous set of positive affirmation cards for women will start your day off knowing what is important to you and will guide your decision making throughout the day. www.tstest11.techsurgeons.com

Now You Can Say Yes!

Saying no to the things that are not serving your values gives you the time and energy to say yes to what matters to you – the people and things that mean the most to you.

We all sort of, kind of, know this right? Nobody can do all the things. But still we try – forgetting that it’s important to determine what matters most for ourselves and our families.

And as we try, we ultimately feel our failure.

These daily positive affirmation cards will remind you of what matters most.

  • Use them in the morning to set the tone for your decision making all day long.
  • Carry one or two with you during the day as quick reminders if you must make a decision on the spot.
  • They are so beautiful, you can frame your favorite and keep it in a special place in your home.

We have this notion that everybody deserves all the things from us.

But the truth is, those who are genuinely deserving of our time and energy, those who matter most, deserve the best from us. Quality over quantity, as they say.

Are you ready to free start giving those you love your very best?

I Want To See These Affirmation Cards!

Daily Affirmation Cards For Cherishing What Is Most Important

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