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I’m sharing my favorite items that I cannot do without.

Because I want to be intentional about each purchase I make for me and my family, I spend crazy amounts of time investigating and researching each of the items that I bring into our home.

I’m sharing this here so that you can benefit from my hours of research; myv purchases; and my home testing triumphs and failures.

If I haven’t used it and loved it – you won’t find it here.

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who desperately need a change…

Here at Intentional Family Life, we guide families who want to escape the crushing overwhelm of modern life.

Today, over 85% of moms feel pressure to be perfect and over 70% question if they are doing enough for their family.

Even worse, over 80% of teens feel pressured to perform at exceptionally high levels in almost every aspect of their lives.

It’s time to move from Stressed to blessed

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Parenting is constantly challenging because there is no one “right” way to parent.

I can guide you to your family’s unique definition of success.

I can show you how to make intentional choices that draw you closer to your success – and toward a more deeply connected, peaceful, and loving family.

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