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  • This is the best set of affirmations for women who want to do less that I've ever seen - and they are beautiful too!

    30 Days of Positive Affirmations


    Would you rather snuggle in for a family game or movie night instead of attending one more fund-raising meeting? Would you rather save your money for a family vacation than spending it on something else? Rest assured – you can. And you can graciously turn down opportunities in order to hold space for those that are dearest to your heart.

    These daily affirmation cards will show you how to do just that with daily support!

  • Ethical Dilemma Discussion Card Set for Tweens


    Teaching our kids to make good, ethical and empathetic choices is a skill that we can intentionally teach them. And once taught, skills improve with practice. What better way to help your tween practice responses to common tween drama than using these cards filled with specific ethical dilemma examples geared specifically for tweens in the…

  • Image of various pages of the We Write parent child journal.

    Parent Child Journal: We Write


    Use this simple parent child journal with all of your kids – no matter what age. Sometimes, it’s easier to connect over difficult situations when you write to one another. Writing provides children with a safe way to start a new conversation or add to an existing one. Use the visual parent child journal prompts included or write what’s on your heart at the moment. This journal comes with your choice of 9 different covers – print whichever one you like best! Parents everywhere love the encouragement journal writing gives for children to start conversations. Think about what those tweens and teens might tell you!