Nature’s Art Club Exclusive Bundle


Nature Journaling – A Gentle Guide for the Absolute Beginner: Come with me on a 15-day journey to learn how to master the art of Nature Journaling. This 30+ page e-book is full of wisdom and fun.

Managing the Mess – 15 Simple Ways to Make Art Time Less Stressful for Mom (and everybody else). Learn 15 simple ways to make art time less stressful for you!  Tips and tricks from an art teacher and  homeschooling mom of four on how take the stress out of the mess!

Printable Nature Journal Notebook: Whether you are a new or experienced nature enthusiast, this journal is designed for you! Use it to gently guide you as you record the wonders of nature in a simple and easy to use format.

It is designed with both adults and children in mind. Once printed, this journal measures 8.5”x 11” making it easy to print out and bring along on any nature-related activity!

It has over 100 pages for recording information (e.g. date, time, location, weather, observations, questions, etc.) and of course sketches.

The last 10 pages are reserved for collections that can be taped or pinned into the journal (e.g. pressed flowers, leaf rubbings, feathers, butterfly wings, etc.)

The front section of the nature journal includes:

  • Four cover options (Black and White coloring book style, Blue, Green or Pink)
  •  A place to record the owner’s name and contact information
  • 25 ideas of what to record in your journal
  • Charming vintage reference illustrations which include: phases of the moon, tree types/shapes, leaf types, farm and wild animals, sea shell types and a sampling of sea life, insects and butterflies, flowers, reptiles and a variety of animal tracks.


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